AP4GooD is dedicated to create top quality lifestyle clothing, with aesthetic that represents the beautiful artwork from creative artists.

We make sure that every second spent creating our T-shirts is an investment for the end user. We want you to know that when you wear a T-shirt from AP4GooD, you are wearing something special, created with passion and love.

This is why we have gone around the world to find for you the best fabric, 100% organic cotton, the best designers and manufacturer in Portugal for the most comfortable and clean style. With AP4GooD you can rest assure that you are wearing the best. 

At AP4GooD our motto is, " Something special, a piece of ourselves for the world."

A percentage of every T-shirt we sell goes to help with the study of down syndrome in Berlin. Because we believe in the importance of giving back to the world. To learn more about the institution click here.