"I am a passionate photographer, always chasing the next motif"

Alexander combines the trained eye and experience required in good photography. Most importantly he's got the ability to bring out the best in each model. The photos live therefor through the models’ personality.

To accomplish this, Alexander creates a personal, intimate environment. He takes the models into his creative world and supports them on this journey. Models have the feeling of total convenience and confidence.  

Demands? what’s that ?  Posing, no thanks !

A pure photo is born, which creates an impact !

Inspired by working with top photographer Steven Klein for American Vogue, Alexander knew, that his different view will be the key to success.

Fashion and art photographer Nicola Giol and Maik Bueger have been assisted in many projects by Alexander as well.

Whether a city or roadtrip shot, Alexander is skilled at capturing his point of view, no clishes, pure aesthetics!

There is that real moment in a composition undeniably his own. Since 2008 Alexander Pernhorst has been rewarded with many exhibitions and portraits of well known artists.

At present he shows his art in New York, Los Angeles, Portocolom ( Mallorca ) and Hanover. His event series NY4REAL is showcasing pertinent art, fashion, music and style at a gorgeous location (#gelsoandgrand) in the heart of Manhattan.

Over the years Alexander gained the trust of many model agencies, who seek his skill of creating something special. To name a few:

Wilhelmina, Request, Images, State MGMT ( New York ), First, Nevs ( London ), Scouteen ( Prague ), NTA ( L.A. ), Major, Joy ( Milan ), Front ( Miami ), Modelwerk ( Hamburg ), ACE ( Athens )

Upcoming Project

Coffeetable book "private view" - ARTHOUSE event

Exhibitions and Events

2009 Life InNew York Gloria Theater, Cologne 
2009 Life InNew York  Galerie für Fotografie Winter, Hanover
2010 City Impressions  Hotel Maritim Stuttgart
2010 Not Sterile  Galerie für Fotografie Winter, Hanover
2011 Think Pink Or Black Roxy Photo Gallery, Hanover
2011 Not Sterile  Galerie Nolte, Münster
2012 Not Sterile Connas Gallery, Hnnover
2013 Not Sterile Galeria Simon Nolte, Mallorca
2014 Not Sterile Galeria Simon Nolte, Mallorca
2015 Not Sterile Art curated event, Gelso & Grand, NYC
2016 Private View   Art curated event, Gelso & Grand, NYC
2016 NY 4 real   Art curated event, Gelso & Grand, NYC
2016 Summer Art   The Art Kartel, Brooklyn, NY
2016 Tribute to 9/11 Infinito and Loft in the Red Zone, NYC
2018 AP4GooD Launch organic cotton T-Shirts 
2018 The Goldfuß Mayahuel Mariposa, NYC
2019 How Do We Love 17 Frost Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2020 Merged Galerie Simon Nolte, Münster

Upcoming exhibition

We invite you to an extraordinary journey of art - different rooms -

mixed media - live performances - photography - paintings - video



may - september 2021
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